Future Oil & Gas Services (FOGS)

FOGS work with heavy oil and gas equipment supply, maintenance, petroleum products, personnel training, and LNG primary source such as refineries, major traders and crude oil. LNG is typically source from the Persian Gulf theatre with refinery partners in the Persian Gulf are, Russian Federation (Black Sea, Ural, Far East), Europe Union (Mediterranean, North Sea) and the USA (Gulf Coast) AFT is able to meet a wide range of client specific product delivery and requirements

FOGS adds substantial profits to your bottom line. Higher plant availability leads to more production. Predictive maintenance technology and optimized planning result in fewer interventions, longer lifetime cycles and optimized spare part stocks.
More and more operators and plant owners recognize that maintenance is not only simple repair. Maintenance is an engineering activity that requires the accumulated experience of the behavior of all generic parts and equipment, analysis of failures and state of the art techniques and methods that go beyond the knowledge of one particular installation.
We believe good maintenance leads to a safer and cleaner environment. Predictive and preventive maintenance techniques are applied to facilitate proper maintenance planning. Too often bad or delayed maintenance has resulted in accidents and incidents, causing human suffering, environmental damage and destruction of capital. Effective and professional maintenance could have avoided many such disastrous and costly events

FOGS advanced predictive maintenance technology facilitates optimised maintenance planning, which helps to reduce unplanned and planned shutdowns and thus contribute substantially in the reduction of CO2 emissions.Their shared objective is to ensure the safe and optimized availability of production plant, and we believe that this is the best environmental insurance policy a plant owner can buy.