Future Marine Engineering & Services (FMES)

Future Marine Engineering & Services (FMES) is a marine company based in Muscat, Sultanate, Oman a part of AFT Group of Companies. FMES dealing with general marine and navy ship services. Our first aim is always the absolute satisfaction of our client, developing special design perfectly shaped to meet any variety of particular requirements.

Furthermore, the company’s focus is the attention to the improvements of marine technology, the changes of the market and new requirements of the Clients/Majors. The performance People of FMES deliver commercial and technical knowledge and support.
FMES is specialized the general marine and navy ship services such as buying, leasing and selling of military and commercial vessels, aircraft carrier, ship, cruise, tanker, yacht, boats and offshore. FMES providing the highest quality engineering, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) including spare parts, materials and consumable products and many more as per the client needs and requirements.
We offer full aftersales service and support for both commercial and navy vessels, including customized training; maintenance programs and spare part to help reduce downtime improve productivity and reduce lifetime cost.

At FMES marine systems operations, you will receive dedicated support throughout the full lifetime of your project and beyond.